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David Duston, the founder of MoneyWorks Group, has been helping others learn how money works for many years and serves as a strong advocate in teaching financial literacy concepts. His safe money and income strategies help his clients save more of their hard-earned retirement dollars by looking at multiple options, including accounts that can reduce, defer, or minimize taxes. David’s keen insight and understanding provide a foundation for strategically designing and implementing client solutions with integrity. 


David received his B.S. from Mississippi University and has years of experience helping with business and personal finance, business consulting, retail, marketing, and professional networking. David is always at his best when he’s spending time with his family and friends, making a positive difference in the lives of others, and continuing his hobbies as an avid saxophonist and pianist.


Based in Frisco, TX, David currently serves Dallas/Ft. Worth and other surrounding areas of North Texas. He is always eager to assist others in making their business and financial goals a reality while building positive long-term relationships. Others will say that “when you have met David Duston, you have met a new friend for life.” He looks forward to working with you soon.


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David Duston

MoneyWorks Group

4324 Mapleshade Lane

Suite 161

Plano, Texas 75093


(214) 584-6391

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